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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Swans Midfield Mess Holds Ki To Progress

“The balance is slightly off because we’re a little bit heavier in midfield than we would like“. So says Paul Clement, and he’s right, and it’s causing Swansea more problems than might at first be obvious. Sometimes limitation is a good thing. Faced with so

Swans 1 Leicester 2 (& Man Utd)

It’s so frustrating watching Swansea City these days. The club’s identity has dissolved, eroded by too many managerial changes in too short a period of time, by too much botched transfer business, by a continued lack of succession planning, once the key principle behind Swansea’s

Swans 2 Huddersfield 0

Funny how it’s always much easier to write about a defeat than a victory. Maybe it’s because criticism is more fun to read than praise (it’s definitely more fun to write), and while criticism of a losing team seems deserved, it looks like nit-picking when

A case for 4-4-2?

Paul Clement has had an extra week to figure out why his Swansea team are struggling ahead of Saturday’s home fixture against newly promoted Huddersfield Town. Swansea rightly have no place losing this fixture, and even a draw would be underwhelming, regardless of current form.