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Yearly Archives: 2017

Cheat Sheet for Carlos Carvalhal

Carlos Carvalhal might not have been at the top of most people’s lists to become next Swansea manager (and given the delay in appointing him probably wasn’t even at the top of Swansea’s list, although he has been linked with the post in the past),

Saving Swansea’s Season

Hands up who else thought Swansea might actually win a game after Wilfried Bony scored that beauty in the first few minutes against Stoke? The Swans are way overdue for a victory, and it’s often seemed like the side might actually be able to defend

Swans 0 Stuart Attwell 1

The cynic in me thinks it’s typical that Swansea’s best performance of the season coincided with a career-endingly poor performance from referee Stuart Attwell. This was a game Swansea should have won. Wilfried Bony had the ball in the net. To say Swansea don’t score

Burnley 2 Swans 0

It’s becoming pointless writing about Swans matches. The pattern never changes. Last Saturday’s 2-0 away defeat to Burnley was more of the same — toothless in attack (the side’s first shot on target coming at the end of injury time), slow and pointless in possession

No shot at survival?

Here’s some light bedtime reading for Swans fans — a table showing the teams that took the fewest shots overall and had the fewest shots on target for each Premier League season of the “Enlightened Era” (2009-10 and onwards), when such records began: Season Shots

Swans 0 Brighton 1

NB There is little direct discussion of the Brighton game in this piece, but the fallout of that result prompted these thoughts Managers don’t get enough time. We hear this a lot in football, especially after a few sackings, and recent weeks have seen sackings.

Arsenal 2 Swans 1

It’s getting harder to write about Swansea’s performances as there are only so many ways of saying exactly the same things. You might as well pick another blog from this site at random where the Swans lost and read that instead; the issues aren’t really

Swans Midfield Mess Holds Ki To Progress

“The balance is slightly off because we’re a little bit heavier in midfield than we would like“. So says Paul Clement, and he’s right, and it’s causing Swansea more problems than might at first be obvious. Sometimes limitation is a good thing. Faced with so