Jên Angharad

I trained in Dance Theatre and Advanced Performance at the Laban Centre, London (1982–86). My career began as a performer, before working independently as a choreographer, workshop facilitator and movement director. I have enjoyed a varied career across education, community, theatre and television.

A key driver for me is the embodied creativity of the non-trained dancer and the process of the individual ‘moving’ between the unknown and the known… the emergence of a sense of self that can… in a moment… with the release of energy… through mindful, emotional and physical expression, influence perception of ‘future’ self. 

In 2012, I was invited onto the Future Matters Collective by Barbara Adam and have since collaborated with members of the group on a number of movement/research projects as movement facilitator and choreographer and, in 2014, as performer with the Collective for our first co-production ‘Promise Through The Lens of Time’.