Professor Emerita Barbara Adam

The founder of Future Matters Collective, Professor Emerita Barbara Adam is a social theorist who has applied the focus on social time to the breadth of social science concerns, from education and environmental matters to transport and work.

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Seth Oliver

Sculptor and artist Seth Oliver has exhibited in Kyoto, Toulouse, Barcelona, London, Bristol, Chester, Birmingham and Cardiff. As Director at Fizzi Events, Seth is an innovator who creates live events and works on drawings, sculpture and music-making with a wide-arching vision of ‘paying attention’ — looking at what we do to each other and future visible truths. 

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Dr Chris Groves

Sociologist and social philosopher Dr Chris Groves is a Research Fellow at Cardiff University. He specialises in risk and uncertainty, the ethics and social impact of new technologies, and the relationship between science and society. Chris’ interest in the future takes two forms: first, how we make sense of and try to domesticate an inherently uncertain future, and second, the ethical and political significance of our efforts.

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Jules Jan '17

Dr Juliet Davis

Dr Juliet Davis qualified as an architect in 2000 and practiced full-time in London until 2006. She then embarked on an AHRC-funded PhD at LSE Cities, completed in 2011. She is now a full-time academic, a Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Urbanism at Cardiff University.

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Professor Elen Stokes

Elen is a Professorial Fellow in Energy and Environmental Law at Birmingham Law School. She researches and teaches various aspects of environmental law and regulation, and is co-author of Environmental Law (9th edn, OUP 2017).  Elen previously worked at Cardiff University (2008–2016) and the University of Manchester (2006–2008), where she held a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellowship.

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Dr Catherine Butler

Dr Catherine Butler is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Exeter. Catherine’s research interests focus on the relationships between public, private and state actors within the area of environmental sustainability.

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Professor Emma Renold

Emma Renold is Professor in Childhood Studies at Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences and the author of Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities (Routledge, 2005), Children, Sexuality and the Sexualisation of Culture (Palgrave, 2015). Working with feminist, queer and post-humanist approaches, Emma’s research explores gendered and sexual subjectivities across diverse institutional sites and public spaces.

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Julie Web 2

Julie Latchem

Neurological physiotherapist Julie Latchem has held multiple clinical and managerial roles in the NHS and the independent sector, working in neurological rehabilitation, long-term care, general and old-age medicine. Julie left clinical practice in 2012 to start postgraduate research; her doctoral research looks at how the futures of people with severe brain injury are shaped during their rehabilitation.

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Jên Angharad

Jên Angharad is a dance artist and consultant who has had a varied career across education, community, theatre and television. Jên prefers to work with the untrained dancer and is interested in how moving and movement memory can influence an individual’s thinking, physiology, wellbeing and perception of self from the present into the future. 

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Professor Gabrielle Ivinson

Gabrielle Ivinson is a a social and developmental psychologist and Professor of Education and Pedagogy at Aberdeen University. Gabrielle has a specialist interest in how children and young people learn in and outside schools and has been working with vulnerable young people for a number of years. 

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