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Set-Piece Shyness Should Be Next On Potter’s Fix List

Imagine your team has a striker that averages 14 goals a season, and has done so for his whole career. Imagine on the opening weekend of the new season, that striker suffers a serious injury, and will now miss the entire campaign. How upset are

Swansea City Season Preview 2018-19

How much difference is there between the bottom of the Premier League and the top of the Championship? If you believe the gap to be significant, then perhaps you also believe the logic in attempting to retain the core of a relegated team. Stoke for

Swansea Autopsy Pt.2 : 4 Reasons the Swans can Soar

The Swansea City autopsy continues. This time I’ll be looking at the positives Swansea can take from a difficult season and a first relegation in 17 years. Here are four reasons the Swans can soar (back to the Premier League): 1: Last Season Was Terrible,

Swansea Autopsy Pt.1 : 8 Reasons the Swans Sank

The Swansea City autopsy begins. First, I’ll be looking at some of the most significant contributing factors to the Swans relegation. Undoubtedly there are others; in a season marked (and marred) by imbalance, inconsistency, and the unexpected (Renato Sanches comes to Swansea! Renato Sanches does

The Day “The Swansea Way” Went South

(Originally published 12 Jan 2018) Michael Laudrup’s comments this week regarding Swansea’s repeated relegation struggles made me wistful for the days when the Danish legend swept Swansea under his graceful wing, using a lanky, mononymous £2m midfielder nobody in Britain had even heard of to

Swansea’s Fish Should Swim, Not Climb Trees

Bournemouth make for an interesting comparison with Swansea. The sides are broadly similar in terms of size, budget, and expectation, and both won plaudits upon reaching the Premier League for playing a similar style of Arsenal-lite passing football. But while Bournemouth are almost certainly safe