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Yearly Archives: 2018

What If Football Had A Salary Cap?

Something a little different this time. I’ve wanted to explore the idea of a salary cap in football for a while now, and I was given the opportunity to write a script for this video. Enjoy! There’ll hopefully be more to come in the future…

What Do You Do Exactly?

Last summer, Swansea shelled out £11m on the fourth best passer in the one league in world football renowned for its passing. Roque Mesa was the tempo setter on Las Palmas, one of the club’s two stand-out performers along with Jonathan Viera, and integral to

8 Left-field Transfer Targets for Swansea City

The transfer window has been open 11 days, and despite Swansea’s glaring deficiencies the club still have yet to sign a single new player. A strong second half to the season is essential, not least because this season’s Premier League is so weak from the